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    The 4th task!

    Can anyone please tell me what PVP quest mean ? Where can I find it in the game menu ? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

    10 november 2020 09:33 2176

    Thank you for your answer. The point is that the whole game is Player vs Player; it's the system you play when you enter and actually play the game. PVP quest might be something specific to this game, something I can't find in the menu.

    10 november 2020 12:58 2176

    It is the same as the former ones. Winning 35 battles in the regular mode. I may have struggled trying to submit my screenshot, but it was accepted.

    20 november 2020 13:04 2176

    exp exp i want exp exp i want exp exp exp exp exp duh

    20 november 2020 17:25 2176

    yes, pvp means player vs player. Great job, you learned something ;)

    9 january 2021 19:24 2176

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