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    Warframe vet here.

    If you need any help with anything just let me know. I have been playing since closed beta and have around 5k hours invested in this game. There is nothing I don't know and nothing I can't do.

    My in game name is Vitamin.Ex and my clan is Void Takers. Send me a message if you're looking for assistance or if you need a clan to join.

    I just ask that you be mature about it and not just message me begging for free stuff (I get enough of that on this site).

    5 august 2018 12:21 2154

    Hey VitaminEx! I am trying hard to complete this task however I am not completely sure what it is asking the players to do. If you could please explain to me what it means to have a level 4 weapon to complete this task I would appreciate it very much. I have about 100 hours in it but I do not understand how this task is completed and have already contacted Gamehag support to have no helpful response.

    8 august 2018 01:21 2154

    All tasks require you to create a "new" account. What I did was I clicked the link they give, created a new account, then loaded up my old/existing account to take the screenshots. Sometimes it'll still get refused but you just need to keep sending the screenshot until it gets accepted. Their system is very inconsistent.

    For the level 4 weapon, just take a screenshot of any weapon you have leveled.

    For the level 10 frame, take a screenshot of any frame you have leveled.

    The last task is to finish "Vor's Prize", for this you can just go to the index in your ship and take a screenshot of the quest completed.

    If you have over 100 hours in the game I'm sure you already have all of these done and you'll just need the screenshots for the proof they want. Just remember to create a new account, you don't need to play on it, they just want to confirm that you created an account. This goes with any game and any offer they have.

    8 august 2018 02:02 2154

    Thank you so much Vitamin! Not all heroes wear capes. 😄

    8 august 2018 03:17 2154

    No problem, glad to help.

    8 august 2018 03:22 2154

    thanks for help bro

    18 september 2018 13:51 2154

    Thank you for letting me now!!!

    23 march 2019 17:48 2154

    Thanks for this

    28 march 2019 04:25 2154

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