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    Soul Calibur

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    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Reach the level 80 of your character


    Has anyone successfully redeemed the Level 80 SGs? Where did you take your screenshot at in-game? I have uploaded a screenshot of normal in-game action with my username and level on the badge in the upper left and it has been refused twice.

    8 july 2018 20:36 2821

    My screenshot was approved after I created three tickets with Misty.

    11 july 2018 20:26 2821

    how do i take a screenshot? in game do i need to use a mobile device

    12 october 2018 14:11 2821

    Screenshot's are generally taken from your keyboard. Even if your keyboard does not have a print screen button your operating system will probably have a shortcut combination or a place to set the key-binding.

    12 october 2018 19:38 2821

    how l can take screenshot

    5 march 2019 17:03 2821

    See my above comment for instructions on screenshots from a Desktop or Laptop computer. When using a mobile device there is a button combination that should be used. I'm not sure how this is done on new devices without any physical buttons though. My bnest guess there would be a native software function or a downloadable application.

    6 march 2019 16:14 2821

    I agree that lvl 80 is a bit too much even tho I just leveled up to 10 doing nothing. Either lower the level requirements or increase the soul gem to be rewarded :)

    8 march 2019 22:34 2821

    I managed to get the Soul Gems for the first task. It did however take an inordinate amount of time so I have not completed any tasks beyond the first one.

    29 march 2019 22:32 2821

    if u r on pc, just take a screenshot and paste it on Paint then save.

    2 april 2019 06:46 2821

    Thanks for the input.

    2 april 2019 21:08 2821

    Yes i think they should increase the SG rewarded, because level 65+ requires millions of in-game EXP per day!

    16 july 2019 12:49 2821

    i finished task 1 with a new acc(first time playing the game) then it just rejected my completion for having played this game

    17 july 2019 04:49 2821

    im from bulgaria

    19 july 2019 14:09 2821

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