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    is this game good or not

    i dont know this game is this game good or not .if you guys play this game let me know .

    6 july 2020 15:09 4295

    As someone who played this game for more than 2 years, if you fit the following 3 conditions then the game is worth a try for you.
    1. You like mobas
    2. You live in the South East Asia (SEA) region
    3. You're willing play games with freemium-modelled games

    MLBB has been a highly popular moba mobile game among a lot of the people in asia. Compared to a pc mobile game like dota or league, the match times are much faster ranging aroun 10-20 minutes. The high population means you'll find games faster although you are more likely to run into low skilled or toxic players.

    The game has a lot of heroes to play with (Currently approaching 100), each with a different and distinct style or gimmick. OTOH the balance is a little favored towards newer releases so older heroes tend to fall behind due to power creep.

    Regarding the freemium model, it's free to play but you only start with a palmful of heroes to use. The rest will have to be bought with in game currency. And the game does have events where it entices you spend money. Fortunately, they're only cosmetics. The game barely has any pay to win tactics. The only closest to it would be the emblem system but it requires more grinding than paying, though they don't really give you that big of an advantage, just an incentive to stay longer. Winning games will always depend on both your individual skill and the cooperation among your teammates in achieving objectives of the in-game matches, especially for ranked modes.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're planning to spend some money on the game, it's HIGHLY recommended you take the extra measure to secure your account via in game settings to avoid getting hacked. Currently some players had this problem due to not completing all of their security measure steps.

    Overall, as long as you fit the above conditions, the game is at least worth trying to see if you like it or not. Hope this helps.

    6 july 2020 15:34 4295

    this game is additive warning so many noobs player dissapointed

    12 july 2020 10:07 4295

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