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    So i thought id do a quick post critiquing the site and application a bit. The website is well crafted and has obvious more care than other sites of a similar service (e.g. Swagbucks) with staff that actually respond and a way to directly chat to others using the service. Usually the method is quite simple to get SG and the verification process, though can take a day or so is handled a lot more professionally with the requirement of the screenshot for browser/downloaded games. The app is rather strange to use on opening but quickly becomes a familiar set up, however is not without flaws. I enjoy the added option on the app to watch videos, especially when i've completed many of the contracts on other services so cannot comply. In both the EXP system is a neat touch however is abused way too easy through forums. Harsh as it sounds; maybe Exp should be gained at a much slower rate on forums or limited to so much XP per day. What could both use though? Possibly some kind of push notification when conditions have been met on mobile? Its small and only really a quality of life change but it was something i liked about appbounty (So may be rather bias) Defiantly however the site needs more cycles of games as most apps of these nature do after a while. However i found that this site was the fastest to run out of offers that i actually felt were worth anything; leading into another issue; the requirements for some of the stages. Id like to use Soul Caliber as an example here where the player is asked to get to an excessively hight level in order to complete task 1. I feel maybe more missions instead gradually building that amount would be a lot more accomplishing to a user rather than slaving away behind a screen. However i'm well aware that the decisions of the issues above may not be made by the site, rather by the companies behind the apps. in which case i completely am fine with accepting these issues cant be fixed

    18 may 2018 16:44 1628

    i dunno :3

    18 may 2018 19:06 1628

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