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    Mobile Game Review [Tank Stars]

    Hey Guys, in this article I’m going to have a review of Tank Stars mobile game that probably most of you have heard about it on social media. This is not necessary to have an internet connection to play this game but if you want to experience all the features, I recommend you play it with an active internet connection.

    ❓ What is "Tank Stars"? And what features are encouraged us to play this mobile game?

    First of all, Tank Stars is a 2D fighting game that was produced by Playgendary game studio, the main goal of this game is to eliminate all enemy tanks before they destroy you in the battlefield. The environment of this game is cool and different, your tank will spawn on a hill that you can see trees, electric posts, and even cute sheep on it. Usually enemy tanks spawn on another hill in front of you, so you should move to reach a good place and try to shoot them with your tank abilities; after one-shot you make, this is now the time for enemy tanks to decide how to shoot back at you. This cycle continues until one of you successfully kills another one and survive from the arena.

    At the beginning of the game you have only one tank available, but you can buy more of them and upgrade their health points by spending some coins which you earn from your battles. Abilities of these tanks are so different and you can learn them by playing each one of them. you can even upgrade them to do more damage to enemy tanks but you should pay attention to play them correctly because you can hurt yourself as well. For upgrading your tank abilities, you need some amount of cards that you can gain by opening some chests or buying them directly from the shop. These chests can also include some coins and gems that you can spend them in many ways.

    There are some free chests in the shop that will appear after some time in the game, there are some daily tasks to do to earn rewards, there are some daily rewards for every day you log in and much more. You can even win some chests by watching some video ads in the game too. However, I should mention there is always a BUY button in these kinds of games for the players who want to grow faster and become stronger than others.


    There are 4 modes to play in this game, so let’s talk about them:

    • Fight vs Computer: This is the usual mode to play when you are alone and want to enjoy the game by yourself. You choose your tank and enter the battlefield to face one enemy tank in it. This mode is also the best way to experience a new tank and to know more about its abilities. The good part is, if you upgrade your tank to higher levels you will face stronger enemies too and enemy tanks levels are totally depending on your tank level.
    • Fight vs Friend: This mode lets you to play with your friend on just one mobile device, you and your friend choose your tanks and battle against each other, so many cool things may happen and you will have a fun time.
    • Online PVP: This section requires internet connections and you will face another online player. All things are the same as battling against computers, I mean there is just one enemy and the reward of winning won’t change, the only thing that looks different is: your opponent is so much smarter than an NPC.
    • Tournaments: If you want to experience some more challenging battles, do not forget to play this mode. For playing in this section you need at least 2 tanks, the difficulty of this section can be: Easy – Normal – Legendary, but trust me do not let the names deceive you because you are going to face many waves of enemy tanks and beating them is harder than what you think.


    I hope you all enjoyed reading this article, I will be happy if you share your ideas about this game and my review in the comment section. Thanks for reading, have fun! :D

    4 june 2020 17:26 1625

    Nice article good work!

    7 june 2020 02:04 1625

    this game looks somewhat familiar to a mobile application game i have played before. i just forget whats the name of that game. it also has hills like that and you have to drive the car without tumbling over. it can be controlled with adjustment on the speed of your car so you can gauge whether not to tip-over.

    4 july 2020 07:55 1625

    avesome game

    4 july 2020 08:13 1625

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