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    Star Stable

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    What is the Game?

    how many stars does this game deserve? this game how one game? do you think it's for any audience? do you have any suggestions? what are the bad sides? do you think we should play this game? in what category do you count this game?

    31 may 2020 14:49 1430

    in the game you have horses you can ride with it you can do quest, daily quest, you can make friends there is a story line and i like the story so much you can ride wherever you want but the bad thing is when you play it a lot you have to buy star rider once to go next for your quest, to get further in the game and that is why i give the game 4 stars
    ( Sorry for my bad english )

    3 june 2020 13:31 1430

    hello peopel hii

    12 october 2020 18:38 1430

    it's a roleplay game about horses and you're own stable

    22 january 2021 15:33 1430

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