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    CS:GO - How to be a better rifler.

    The most used weapon type in CSGO are Rifles. Most of the time when you have money you will buy an AK-47 or M4A4, AWP. Well everyone has their own favourite weapon, it could be the Negev or the Deagle whatever you learned to use the most efficiently. But today I am going to tell you how to be better at using a rifle. *WARNING* If you are an experienced player you may not find this interesting or as something new to learn.



    So most rifles in CSGO have about 30 rounds per magazine. Some have 25, some have 35. But they all are automatic. Every weapon in CSGO has its own recoil pattern. They have their own damage which depends on the opponent's armour, distance from you, if you shoot them through the wall and the spot you shoot them in. If you shoot someone in the foot with a Galil Ar over the whole map, it will not do a lot of damage. Rifles are made for close-mid range combat. When using a rifle the most important things are:

    • Crosshair placement
    • Reflexes 
    • Spray control, spray transfer (when spraying)
    • One-tap accuracy at mid-long distances
    • Movement 

    Crosshair + Crosshair placement

    One of the most important things in CSGO is having a good crosshair. Having a good crosshair as a rifler is very important. You should be able to see your opponent's head in the gap in the middle of the crosshair so you can one-tap more accurately. If you are making yourself a new crosshair, make sure you can see it and it doesn't blend in with the map. What I mean by that is, if you make a crosshair and it has the minimal thickness, it can blend in at long distances or with the map colours. Example, you have a small green crosshair on Cache, the green colour is everywhere so it will blend in most of the time. To prevent that you can add an outline so it will not blend in so much, or choose a wired 1 colour that is not on the maps. My crosshair is bye, with a minimal outline. The white crosshair and black outline contrast so you can't lose track of the crosshair. If you want to get professional @players or content creator configs, and crosshairs download Crashz&Misterio Config Generator workshop map.

    For you to be a great rifler you have to think about the placement of your crosshair. Even when you are just running around keep your crosshair at head height! Going around a corner? Try to pre-aim at the height and place where your opponent can be. If you come out just looking at the ground, since they are holding the angle their crosshair is on you. You have to be aware and try to get the shot first. Also a very hard thing to remember, and what most lower skill players will do, is aim at the stomach because it is wider than the head and is easier to hit right? Always aim for the head!  EVERY weapon will do most damage in the head! 



    Whatever weapon you have, you need to have good reflexes and aim so you can hit and/or kill the enemy before they can react. To train your reflexes you need to spend a lot of time on training maps. I have spent about half of my play time (like 100h) just on training, and I still forget to pre-aim, aim for the head and I still have very bad reflexes. If you want to be a great rifler, your reflexes have to be TOP NOTCH! 

    Spray control + transfer

    In the order to win duels in close distances, you need to learn how to transfer your spraying. Every weapon has its own recoil pattern and when you spray, the weapon gets recoil and the bullets start going in the pattern. In order to control the pattern you have to learn it and move your crosshair against it in order to hit your opponent. 

     Spray transfering is a little difficult. When you spray someone down and there is another opponent you flick to him and keep spraying. But the pattern doesn't reset if you don't stop spraying. So you have to keep controlling the pattern after you kill the first guy. It's mostly hard cause you have to flick to him and remember where the pattern is. To learn weapon patterns you can download Crashz&Misterio Recoil Master workshop map. You can choose any gun, see it's recoil and how to control it.

    One-tap accuracy

    One tap accuracy is nothing but your raw aim and ability to get your crosshair on players heads and click once. At long ranges it's important to pre-aim enemies so you can shoot and possibly to kill them first.


    Movement is a huge part of any FPS. If you want to hit your shots, but still be a hard target to hit, you need to strafe. I still haven't learned to strafe properly, but the idea is you use A and D to strafe side to side. But after a little amount of time you need to hold both A and D so you will not move. At that second you have to take your shot. Then release D and strafe a little with A. And if you keep doing that you will be a hard target to hit. If you master strafing like that and keep your crosshair on the opponent's head while you strafe, you will be very deadly against most average level players. 

    Sniper rifles

    Unlike Rifles snipers aren’t automatic (except G3SG1 and SCAR-20) and they only have 10 rounds per magazine (except G3SG1 and SCAR-20). They have a very slow rate of fire (except G3SG1 and SCAR-20), but high damage and great accuracy when scoping. You run slower with the AWP and G3SG1 or SCAR-20, but run at normal speed with the SSG 08. The snipers are easy to control and you can get easy kills if you hold a good angle. But you have to have good aim and reflexes to hit the enemy every single time. ONE CLICK. If you miss you are in deep trouble, because you give away your position and if you are using the AWP or SSG 08 if you have to draw again, because they are bolt action snipers. 

    Thank you for reading this short article! I hope you learned something new from this. If you did make sure to leave a comment and if you want me to do something similar, drop an article idea in the comments!


    14 may 2020 12:43 1625

    Thanks for posting this

    14 may 2020 14:56 1625

    useful but not for me. But nice post

    14 may 2020 15:33 1625

    Crazy spray controll in CSGO 😜

    30 august 2020 10:16 1625

    plop o nly and Thursday

    30 august 2020 15:04 1625

    i need some xp that why i comment

    30 august 2020 15:33 1625

    thanks for the tips, very helpful

    21 september 2020 17:09 1625

    thank you very much ut realy helpfull ita hard to make that leap fron being average to being good at a game and those tips sure help

    22 september 2020 09:24 1625

    Thanks. But like every other player says, there's no fast way of getting good. Its all practice and practice. pours hours into the game. Thats the only way to get good. Nice article though..

    2 october 2020 03:01 1625

    thats a lot of damage boi ak 47

    2 october 2020 06:42 1625

    I played cs go ,but unfortunately I found myself bad at cs.

    2 october 2020 08:39 1625

    I will never spread the AK again
    Thank you

    2 october 2020 17:51 1625

    It's always hard to become good in CSGO.

    3 october 2020 10:10 1625

    good thanku for giving me robux bro

    3 october 2020 10:10 1625

    weapon gets recoil

    3 october 2020 10:49 1625


    3 october 2020 10:50 1625

    spray control makes you better as a rifler. try learning 1 tap headshots then 2 tap and then 3 bullet spray for starting

    3 october 2020 10:51 1625

    Man this was good but the recoil pattern its not true always

    3 october 2020 10:55 1625

    I want skin in CS:GO

    3 october 2020 12:01 1625

    if my pc wasnt bad that, I would be a nova 4 :(

    8 october 2020 10:16 1625

    I played CS:GO one time and it was hard.

    8 october 2020 21:31 1625

    I'm not going to do that

    17 january 2021 09:08 1625

    rifles have recoil so if u are not a one tapper, u should try spraying

    17 january 2021 16:36 1625

    sander is my friend he doest play it either

    21 january 2021 07:11 1625

    Hello I love farmies games this is very buitefull I love your please help me hwo give me soul gems please

    24 january 2021 08:35 1625

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