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    I'm bored of Roblox any fun games?

    Please don't say anything super popular like jailbreak I already know about those games. Are there any super underrated games I should try?

    6 may 2020 05:00 2173

    hmmm... there's a lot of grinding games, usually i like to play boku no roblox, but i don't know if you want to play that, it's mostly grinding, and the max is 10000, even if you want to pvp you have to get 1000 lvls, first so i don't know. maybe try some games that mr.flimflim has played.

    6 may 2020 05:22 2173

    Tower Heroes, Tank Warfare Arcade, Farming and Friends, Entry Point, Astral Excursion are my favorite games you can try it out.

    6 may 2020 05:47 2173

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