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    Share your thoughts in here. No offence just wanna know something from you all. Quite a wide range of rewards for you to choose. Easy to earn points (Soul Gems) by the daily login. If you are a reviewer and have good writing skills, I'm sure you can get more gems besides from playing mini-games, the game offers and doing contracts. In my opinion, customer service still needs to be improved. The most prominent issue is the inactivity on Discord. They are online but they seem inactive in their own Discord server. I feel sorrow to see this happen most of the time. Members pinged moderator for help but we couldn't help much. Secondly, the screenshot tasks always are rejected automatically even though it's nothing wrong with the screenshot. Most of the members in support channel are having this issue. Overall, it's still a decent site. Rating: 6/10

    11 february 2018 07:28 1628

    i hope they could act fast on people's report especially with the the sending or postine of file for the submission of the games for rewards as of now.. well i do hope they could gather a team for helping them but most website won't hire them if the person is not from their country or a unknown user XD...

    11 february 2018 17:57 1628

    is there any good ways to earn SG other than install and play and surveys? Perhaps a daily login and realize that earning SG with the games that we play give us big amount of SG but if we say that out of 50 users only 5-25 only pass on the reviews and post of the game but maybe 49 users always fail .... Overall maybe 4/10 still a good site but not better than SLIVERTV were they give better opportunities to the gaming community.

    17 february 2019 22:59 1628

    when you right to customer service they seem to give a generic answer and close the ticket as problem solved. instead we should be able to close the ticket instead of then issuing a new one to continue on the conversation. it should be us that should be able to decide if a problem has been solved witht he given response. any open tickets should then be closed by us or if left open by the mods in a week for inactivity. Would make things a lot easier.

    18 february 2019 01:17 1628

    But @myStery always don't work every time!

    18 february 2019 08:42 1628

    Surveys One!

    18 february 2019 08:43 1628

    Hmm, it seems that my comment has been deleted?

    I'd say yes. The ways of earning gems are just around daily login, playing games, completing surveys, referring new users, writing an article and buying gems. This topic has been discussed in a few threads in the forum. Neither good nor bad, it depends on you. Once you have found the most suitable method for yourself, then, it is the best way.

    You've got a point there. Users may reduce the frequency of creating another new ticket for the same problem. Based on my own experience, not every time the tickets created by me are closed by the supports, sometimes the ticket was still open for me to add on new information or reply to it. I assume there is a different response given in different cases. Perhaps, you could voice out your thoughts to Misty? Gamehag supports are in charge of the users' tickets. Each role has different duties.

    As in, the above comments are all my personal opinions.

    18 february 2019 09:45 1628

    @Tekhour If you don't meet the requirements of the surveys, you will be screened out as they are looking for a specific group of respondents.

    18 february 2019 09:48 1628

    @myStery I guess they listened to your suggestion as now you can upvote or downvote on the tickets!! nice one!

    1 march 2019 01:57 1628

    @mrssalter To clarify, I didn't suggest anything to Misty recently. In a bright side, good to hear that! Kudos.

    1 march 2019 06:31 1628

    Customer support in the form of communication channels for gamehag is quite good, but issue is some game tasks donot give sgs, for example i did the ingame task for lords mobile i was expecting to get automatically verified as the offer was for new persons to gamehag but some how that sgs i never got after reaching out to support they said we donot have any way to detect you played the game as the task is auto verified, after asking in forums and on main game page all say they never got there sgs; so this means in app games except adventures of misty are not worth doing the effort what so ever ? i hope some one considers my case and provides me the soul gems i deserve.

    1 march 2019 06:54 1628

    I have found it hard to get help from support, if it's something that misty can fix then it's good, but sending in coments through misty only gives you standarised answears, i also tried to write in the discord support chat but left after 3h of not getting support. I would rate the support as 4/10 and your saved a bit by misty. It would also have been a lot less support for you guys if you actually played the games and wrote how to actually get the rewards, how do you verify acount etc, I'm usually not getting an acount verification mail on the browser games when i register and i have to find some link to verify my account on their support site etc.

    1 march 2019 08:35 1628

    @myStery24 where are the runes? when we will see them again ?

    1 march 2019 08:58 1628

    @yazdan Hmm...off topic. I don't quite understand.
    Edit: I just looked up for runes in the shop, can't find any of it. This makes sense of your questions but, I'm not sure why they are removed or dissappeared from the shop. Kindly contact Misty.

    1 march 2019 09:23 1628

    I think the help function with Misty is extremely limited. You can't actually ask her a relevant question, and when you do, she just feeds you garbage about how the problem is solved when you didn't even get to ask her anything. Misty is poo in my opinion. They need the option to just state your issue, and even on the one thing where you can do that, customer support comes back with the same nonsense Misty feeds you. Not helpful, at all, in any way.

    4 march 2019 04:06 1628

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