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    All the season progression have been reset just a few moments ago.

    All in the title, i'm sick of this game. I can't use my leviathan, is stuck in "Get Reward" mode for 2 days. Now, i have complete 80% for the season hard and normal, and BANG. Magic reset. This is not finish lol, in game chat me "My season progression are reset ! I'm tired of this game.... I think to stop it". Just after that, i'm banned for 1 hour ! LOL. Now i can read "server maintenance" everywhere. And ? I'm pretty sure all my progression are lost for ever, without compensation ofc. So tired of this game, since the start of the OBT this is mistake over mistake. I wait, but if my progression are not back, this is the end for me. I uninstall the game.

    18 december 2017 22:37 2176

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