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    Fastest Game?

    I have to say this was my fastest and weirdest game to date... http://wotreplays.eu/site/4004906#fiery_salient-desert_faux-stug_iii_ausf_b Only 5 tanks were destroyed in this game, enemy loss 4 tanks and we lost 1 tank. 18 tanks (both sides total) did 0 damage. The enemy sent only like 3-4 tanks to challenge the cap and I help soften up the assault on the cap. The rest of the team went hill on the left side of the map. By the time they got to the top of the hill and started engaging us we won the game by Capture the Cap. This has to be the weirdest game I played in awhile. I was confused at the end of the game, I was gonna head north and try to slow down the enemy on the hill and suddenly got the alert we had won... I never expected us to be able to capture that fast...

    16 december 2017 23:05 1

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