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    The Great Paradox

    With the Pan Asian DD Line, RN BBs and the USN CV Rework WG has created a Paradox of sorts, do you spec for AA, Fire or Deep Water Torpedoes. Especially at High Tiers what is now a good overall build to give you a chance to survive? What are you looking at for a overall build to get enough of each to make things more durable?

    14 december 2017 21:49 89

    So now that Dasha is in the game, the next logical step is to make her a Legendary Captain. I'm guessing Russian is the closest bet for her. Any thoughts on captain skills for her? (keep it clean) 15% expanded spotting distance similar to the module upgrade (see always sees what's coming before we do). 10% bonus to AA (from having to shoot down all the people creeping on her all the time.) 10% bonus to ship acceleration [not top speed, just acceleration] (she makes us want to jump into battle) 15% bonus to secondary penetration (she's always ready to zing somebody with a witty remark)

    14 november 2019 16:41 89

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