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    ARK has almost beaten Rocket league...

    Yesterday, I've ordered ARK: Survival Evolved and the link arrived almost intantly. However, the code was already claimed or revoked. If I get a swift response from their support with hopefully a working link/key, than ARK has won my little race. Come on gamehag, give me my Rocket League too ;D

    27 october 2017 09:54 1628

    I'll let you know when I receive response from support. Accept my friend request, so you'll receive a notification about it.

    27 october 2017 10:26 1628

    thanks! accepted :)

    27 october 2017 10:39 1628

    ARK is a very fun game!

    27 october 2017 22:33 1628

    How do you do it? I haven't got a single reward - still stuck at lifetime 1607 gems... haven't found any way to increase SGs! 😢

    28 october 2017 10:26 1628

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