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    30 march 2020 12:32 2176

    this game you can to make small-big cars, truck's, tanks and create the best Vehicles to bomb other Vehicles and to stay in the life (its survival game).

    31 march 2020 14:45 2176

    This game is all about building cars, testing them out and fighting other cars in matches. It's really fun and theres alot to do and runs pretty good on low end pcs

    31 march 2020 14:47 2176

    The game depicts a post-apocalyptic setting after a nuclear war and "human genetic testing gone awry",[3] showing some resemblance to the Mad Max universe.[4] Events of Crossout take place in the same universe as Ex Machina’s (aka Hard Truck: Apocalypse in the North American market), which is also a Targem-created game published by Buka in 2005. Crossout aims to depict life on Earth 20 years after the 2027 global disaster, and 200 years before Ex Machina. -- Wikipedia

    2 april 2020 07:42 2176

    Just MadMax car making

    4 april 2020 23:07 2176

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