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    Guys who likes quarantine

    Does some of you guys like so far this quarantine because im kinda enjoying cause i dont need to go to school and its kinda fun playing games home.Im kinda not a fan of this new online school but it is what it is.Do you enjoy quarantine ?

    25 march 2020 22:46 1628

    Well, I'm enjoying it, but this is because I'm introverted and I hate to meet people. Also I'm playing video games, so I'm not bored

    25 march 2020 23:05 1628

    I do hi5 this is the time for gaming hellyeah

    25 march 2020 23:07 1628

    @wiqtra12 dont spam you will be reported and lose your xp

    25 march 2020 23:14 1628

    I dont guess what week after it startet my pc went out :(

    26 march 2020 00:27 1628

    all we need is games and fun, but i am becoming a lazy dog

    26 march 2020 00:44 1628

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