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    Max Payne Returns !

     It is an old school shooter game created by Rockstar that first released in 2001,which is talking about Max a high profile detective  that his life turned into jail when his child and his woman got killed by a group of criminals ,which now the story begin.

    In the first game series (Max Payne), Max make investigation for two months to know who murdered his family , the story is telling that Max has been mad from the moment that his family got killed .

    After the investigations he knew that the killers are Russians ,but he said "old friends", with the argue that has been taking by Max he has reached his destination, Lisa the headmaster of police department and in the same time the Leader of Russian mafia, once he was near her he got spotted and got away so a new journey begins in the north of Russia, after that he saw "a friend"from Russian mafia, that he dealt with him to share information .

    The shocking moment that Lisa came back to  USA-NY , but he got another chance by tracking her with no fear of the law because he was a wanted man,and finally he got her after she take in the plane ,by a little helping from Mona , she was an enemy but lately she became a good girlfriend ,So the plane has fallen by Max and new series begin .


    Max Payne 2 : The fall of Max Payne

    Max has been arrested by the killing spree that he did, but he passed and he returned to his work as a detective ,like the old days the best detective that they sent him a lone without no fear no careless ,and after an important operation boom, he saw his girlfriend Mona that thought she was dead .

    An old character came to make the game alive Mona, So he teamed up with her to make the best team, now the French prime minister got killed and Max was near him before he got killed , now Maxy is wanted and he has been classified as a terrorist ,but ht e question where did Mona go ?.

    The fallen of Max Payne ...is the title of the game and clearly it explains everything ,his life became a jail after Mona death , yes Mona got murdered in her bed and Max is wanted without life without family he lost everything ,so he decided to do the same thing that he made in the first series ...the investigation .
    So he investigated the murders of the French prime minister and the surprise the killer was Vlad the old friend from the Russian Mafia but he is now a high profile class in the Russian investigation ,now one will trust him because he is supposed to be a murder but the luck appears again  .

    Vlad said the truth on tv that he has killed the French prime minister and a new season to be continued .....


    Max Payne 3 

    After the two seasons max transported from NY to Brazil as a security guard and making another amazing action , so the story being once his new wife got killed by unknown guy now Maxy turned into Mad Max he cant feel himself he just want to kill and blood and taking another steps to know who is the murder , that showed Mona is alive and she  is the murder with a secret ending and to be continued .....

    25 march 2020 20:53 1625

    Wow, nice article! Thank you

    26 march 2020 11:59 1625

    That's the story in a nutshell; played the first two games and can say that they were pure gems at that time. Few games had the feel and graphics Max Payne had and bullet time was a true innovation. Too bad you haven't resized the images.

    26 march 2020 13:09 1625

    cool i love it

    26 march 2020 13:46 1625

    cool i think

    26 march 2020 15:56 1625

    Awesome article. Im a big fan :)

    26 march 2020 16:11 1625


    26 march 2020 21:09 1625

    Max Payne is awesome

    26 march 2020 21:51 1625

    Yo, Max Payne is brilliant

    30 march 2020 18:59 1625


    3 april 2020 13:14 1625

    nice work

    3 april 2020 16:24 1625

    nice one ma man

    3 april 2020 21:06 1625

    nice cool game

    3 april 2020 21:10 1625

    max payne 2 was my fav

    3 april 2020 22:35 1625

    Ok good

    3 april 2020 22:36 1625

    I've Never Played This Game

    6 april 2020 04:31 1625

    I've Never Played This Game before

    6 april 2020 10:30 1625

    Max Payne is cool game.

    6 april 2020 11:16 1625

    O nice dude

    6 april 2020 11:20 1625

    What are you doing

    6 april 2020 11:20 1625

    Good post

    6 april 2020 13:05 1625


    6 april 2020 13:06 1625

    You got me excited there with that title of the topic. There's no new Max Payne game in the works. I was extremely disappointed by that. The first game didn't age that well in terms of graphics. It looks kinda funny but still fun. It's on Android as well if you want some Max Payne on the go.

    7 april 2020 13:29 1625

    ohh! my! nice article😁

    7 april 2020 14:30 1625

    ide gaaas alooo ide najveci gas na svetu

    7 april 2020 14:34 1625

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