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    Is pubg mobile better than its pc version?

    Honestly interested of your opinion

    18 march 2020 01:02 3272

    yes pubg is good in pc

    18 march 2020 01:30 3272

    it's depend for each persone bro

    18 march 2020 06:05 3272

    Can't really have an answer on that . But i think the Mobile version is better bc the Graphics on the PC version is a bit too much....

    19 march 2020 01:25 3272

    games soo BOTH

    19 march 2020 09:24 3272

    Both are great but PUBG mobile is for free

    19 march 2020 09:30 3272

    PC one is better. Mobile can be played on PC with an emulator and like that, the person has a huge advantage wich is not fair, so, being exploitable makes it a bad game and port.

    19 march 2020 10:35 3272

    PC one is better i think.In mobile its impossible to block all of the hack and in PC version people be scaring to be banned because they gave money but in mobile you can create billions of account.

    19 march 2020 18:03 3272

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