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    PUBG (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds) Should you play it ?

    There is a lot of hype going on about this new game , should you buy it ? Should you play it ? Is it really worth it and how does it compare with the other games of it's genre ? You will find out down below !
    PUBG , does it look familiar ? PUBG is a game just like H1Z1 and DayZ but is it just like them ? The answer is no . PUBG features really good servers with really good graphics for a game of it's genre and really good optimization . Moreover, it has a really good battling system with quite balanced weapons (like the frying pan :P) a really good map with nice spots and overall it's a really good game that will have you comunicate with your team , pay attention to the map and more generaly you don't have to just go out and fire bullets but it has a strategy aspect to it as well . Of course you can run out and go Rambo mode but most likely, you won't win ! Also PUBG is not the "serius only" type of game , you can just join some games with a couple of friends and jus troll around and do just what feels liek fun ! No one is there to tell you otherwise and no one will prohibit you from doing that ! PUBG uses Battleye's anti-cheat which is a really good anti-cheat that a lot of games are using (in contrast to VAC which is valve's anti-cheat :P jk) , and so far so good , hackers are not encountered that often , we hope that it remains as is ! Then what about the developers ? Well the developers are really active keeping the game alive and refreshing adding new features and doing bug fixes ! What;s left to cover now ? Oh yeah , the community ! Well community is not somethign the developerscan fix but PUBG's community is , as far as i am concerned , pretty friendly ! All of this amazing goodness comes to a really good price of only 19.99$ , the same as H1Z1 and lower than DayZ !

    All in all , is it worth your money ? Well... hell yeah it is ! All you need to have fun is just one friend , a pocket with 19.99$ and a computer to make the magic ! 

    Thank you all for reading , Aris !

    2 october 2017 12:40 1625

    The Game is actually 30 Euros on steam,but I don't know about Dollars

    2 october 2017 21:27 1625

    Yes i know , i made a typo there :(

    2 october 2017 21:30 1625

    Its fun and tactical. So far its been worth the $30

    3 october 2017 02:13 1625

    I might cash out for it but not sure I would really play it tho.

    4 october 2017 22:42 1625

    no u shouldn't

    7 october 2017 17:38 1625

    It's the good game but it is full of bugs

    15 march 2019 12:57 1625

    Its an amazing game. No lie.

    15 march 2019 18:17 1625

    Don't ask just play it

    16 march 2019 10:31 1625

    Ofcourse you should play it

    16 march 2019 21:49 1625

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