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    FPS games other than Phantom Forces, any recommendations?

    As title says, are there any good fps games inside Roblox other than PF?

    1 march 2020 08:30 2173

    One of my favorites is Arsenal. Feels like a nice little source Valve game like counter strike, except its a gun game.

    1 march 2020 08:55 2173

    Arsenal or MM2 are good FPS games on roblox.

    1 march 2020 16:05 2173

    I suggest you to play Polyguns and CB:RO. First game is like Overwatch and second is like Counter Strike: Global Offensive. By the way, I can't find Polyguns on site so I think it had been deleted, it's sad 😢

    1 march 2020 16:08 2173

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