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    S.K.I.L.l. special farce 2: review.

    Im telling you right away, DON'T play this game. Its all about money and paying to get gud. Like people say a 'pay to win' game. You want a good gun? 'money' want a skin 'money'. You can save up to a better weapon tho but it is hard i got my first gun and i was already done playing the game because it took me so long to get one and i am not a bad fps games. I had fun playing this game but it is full with hackers. Just don't waste money on this game. Letters - 2k17

    23 september 2017 15:41 62

    I agree with that i wasted 20 euros but this game is full of hackers

    27 may 2018 18:21 62

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