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    PLEASE READ THIS!!! Do not buy PS Plus 90 Days US on here

    This happens the second time i ever try to redeem this code after buying PS Plus codes two time already, they give you a code that doesn't work! I am getting sick of this already, do NOT buy PS Plus 90 days us in Gamehag store, they will give u a code they won't work! I already send a ticket in for a second time.

    27 february 2020 18:20 1628

    ok thanks a lot man

    27 february 2020 19:19 1628

    That must be quite annoying

    27 february 2020 19:21 1628

    Didnt work?Did the admins say anything?They didnt did they?Well guess they only care about the money they make from us doing offers..This site is dead.. Really. Its not even fun anymore.

    27 february 2020 19:46 1628

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