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    Is Gamehag being too harsh to players?

    I'm sure that everyone must have suffered at least a 1-day ban from accidentally sending an extra 1 or few comments, without you even realizing it because you just wanted to help give your opinion to someone so that you can help them but it seems like that Gamehag will still punish you even after helping a person with a question, so now I'm really sad because I suffered a 7-day ban from commenting more than 5 comments twice and it really is infuriating as I did nothing wrong, I didn't criticize anyone, I just got banned from commenting just one extra comment and in the mail, it even sends an image with misty saying that "WE DON'T WANT YOU", it gave me anxiety and I was a little worried which almost made me quit this website out of anger but after a week I was unbanned and now I can speak about this harsh rule of banning players from commenting more than 5 times a day, I hope that the developers of this website would change this feature and allow us to comment at least 10 times a day even if we don't get exp for the extra 5 comments and I know that the developers did this to reduce spammers but there are people with some interesting questions and I can't just leave them be, I want to give them my opinion, I want to help them and I'm sure that you also feel the same, so if this message reaches to a moderator then it would be very helpful if you would send this to the developer so that he/she could think about making some improvements. Thank you

    23 february 2020 08:56 1628

    I don't think it's related to posting more than 5 times a day, I've posted several days more than 5 messages and never received a ban. But I do believe the site's admins or moderators are a little too senstiive so they have removed comments that I would perceive harmless. Therefore I can imagine if this has been a repeated offense, you would get banned.

    23 february 2020 09:40 1628

    To be honest. This is kinda true

    23 february 2020 09:43 1628

    @Konpakumyon so does it mean that they ban us randomly?

    23 february 2020 11:00 1628

    It's not randomly, but freedom of speech isn't a guarantee and they can decide what is offensive or not, if you want to improve the situation, try applying as a moderator for this site or you'll have to find a different place to find your input appreciated.

    23 february 2020 12:23 1628

    Now I'm confused. I asked help from the Gamehag discord server and he/she told me that it was because I typed at least more than 5 comments but now you're here telling me that it depends on the moderator?

    23 february 2020 14:19 1628

    I don't know who told you that, but they were definitely trolling you. I haven't been banned because of it.

    23 february 2020 14:59 1628

    well now I feel bamboozled and with a sense of relief because I have been biting my nails out of the anxiety I got every time I'm typing a comment because I'm known to have a memory span of 7 seconds

    23 february 2020 15:22 1628

    its not but it is preaty hard at first

    23 february 2020 15:41 1628

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