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    Why the leaderboard shows i have 35 SG when i have 685 SG WTF?i should be ranked 40

    I think its more like daily sg than overall

    20 september 2017 14:21 1628

    There are 3 ranking types at all, daily, weekly and overall so the 35SG is probably the daily statistic

    20 september 2017 14:23 1628

    Do you mean that the No1 guy magic coockies earns 5000 SG per day ??***

    20 september 2017 15:43 1628

    BTW i checked all of them but all are 35 SG

    20 september 2017 15:45 1628

    Magiccookies gets 200sg from every 1000sg their referred person earns. And since he is (i think) the marveloussh*t referrer, he gets a lot of gems.

    20 september 2017 20:48 1628

    Probably a bug if they're all 35

    20 september 2017 20:50 1628

    Leaderboard is unfair anyway since users from some regions get much lower bonuses for the same tasks as other regions, also some regions get less available tasks
    Top ranks are gamehag staff and/or gamehag bots
    It's just a carrot on a stick, making it appear you CAN earn a lot here (newsflash: you can not)

    21 september 2017 06:59 1628

    I hope the rewwards work

    21 september 2017 09:45 1628

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