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    Roblox social

    Are you a introvert or exrtovert on roblox?

    16 february 2020 02:55 2173

    NGL in the early days there was nothing I loved more than socializing with peeps on RBLX, visiting each other at our places (earning 1 TIX conviniently), getting each others free T-Shirts and what not, but as the simpler times faded, I became more and more introverted maybe in a fear of being ridiculed for not having limiteds or Robux and so on...

    16 february 2020 03:29 2173

    i am extrovert and i am good

    16 february 2020 04:07 2173

    I am an introvert most of the time i just kinda do my own thing in Roblox i don't like to be noticed

    16 february 2020 06:04 2173

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