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    Poptropica! I remember this...

    Man, I definitely miss being a kid again. Back in sixth grade, my favorite thing to do was visit the computer lab because the computer lab happened to be where the games were! I vividly remember playing so many different flash games after my work was finished. We were allowed free use after whatever assignment we had was completed, and I always opted for Poptropica! 

    Honestly, I didn't even remember this game until coming back to it here, on Gamehag. As soon as I clicked on the button to start playing and earning, I was immediately transported back to that computer lab from my elementary years. It really made me nostalgic to open the game and explore the world of Poptropica all over again. I hate to admit it, but even now, as a 28-year-old female, I am already addicted again! I'm not sure whether it's the colorful animations or the quirky art style in which all of the characters are drawn, but either way, I'm thrilled to relive a piece of my past. If you're anything like me and love taking trips down memory lane, you should definitely go check it out again for yourself. When I started the first island, I instantly felt like 12-year-old me again, and it was so much fun to complete all the little puzzles and stories that this game has to offer, even if it seems a little childish for someone as old as I am to enjoy those things, but it's the simple things, right? I also love how customizable your character is, with the multitude of different hair colors and styles, an abundant range of skin colors, and there are some pretty neat outfits on there, too! The one thing I will say is a bit underwhelming, though, is the overall gameplay. It's very laggy at times, and the controls aren't always in your favor, but that's okay because it's easy to workaround. Truthfully, I almost didn't get through the third island without help, and I must say it's a little tricky (even for me!). My nephew, who is 6, frequents my house often, and I just recently was able to share with him this little gem from when I was little. He absolutely loved it, as well, and was quite good at figuring out all of the puzzles, but again, as I said above, the lag issue really hindered his experience and he wasn't able to complete more than 4 or 5 islands before getting himself into a tizzy and giving up (due to the mouse control not working in sync with his movements). He stills loves the game regardless, and ever since showing this to him, he's always asking his Auntie to let him play "Potrotica". I guess my point, here, is that this game manages to do well in a variety of age categories, and I think that's absolutely wonderful! I absolutely recommend this game to anyone who is looking to feel the nostalgia, or even just to pass the time (believe me, time passes quickly when you're stumped on cartoon puzzles!). Forewarning to anyone, though, that if you're near others, the sound might get you some odd looks. For example, my husband asked me whether or not I was watching kids cartoons on my laptop after about 5 minutes of listening to the music, LOL! This game is great, I really missed it.

    8 february 2020 14:25 1625

    you was writed so much

    9 february 2020 15:35 1625

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