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    Why you should not buy Gamehag chests

    I still think i would take a chance to win a good game because i am still gaining money for free from using gamehag so there is no loss.

    17 september 2020 18:16 1625

    Chests are fun but the chances that you will get a bad reward is just too high in my opinion

    17 september 2020 22:15 1625

    Its not realy worth it only comes runes or 1 or 5 gems or mabe random cd game.

    18 september 2020 10:38 1625

    if you play this game you can improve your strategies for playing

    19 september 2020 10:10 1625

    just needed to know that i used 200sg in a contest so did it go to waste??? uhh i accidentally entered a contest and lost 200 sg

    19 september 2020 18:42 1625

    legendary chest has only one spot that has the random steam key, is it worth buying?

    21 september 2020 13:56 1625

    hey guys i feel like gamehag is a scam its not letting me buy game keys even tho i have enough sg and their reason is that i am not level 3 in gamehag and i get that but it doesnt even let me level up by talking on the forums

    22 september 2020 14:36 1625

    will there's like a 5 percent chance you will get what you want and what you dont want is a 95 percent chance

    23 september 2020 21:04 1625

    It's like opening a chest in CS:GO the change of getting something good are pretty darn low

    24 september 2020 09:26 1625

    of course if u open 10 chests u probably get nothing good, but maybe sometimes u if u lucky u can earn smth good. It's simply that % in chests are low.

    2 october 2020 13:16 1625

    im tempted to get a chest but i'll probably just save up for a premium steam key

    7 october 2020 20:29 1625

    Yeah. Thats probably better. I opened a crate worth of 600sg and got 20sgs form it. Better to just save up for the game.

    7 october 2020 21:01 1625

    Loot boxes incentivize gambling. I wish gamehag could adjust the system to avoid the problem going forward.

    8 october 2020 01:11 1625

    yeah the luck is basically 0% on something great

    15 october 2020 15:42 1625

    Hm... opening a chest is a great risk you can get something good or bad but when you buy from reward shop you are sure of what you are getting.

    15 october 2020 19:18 1625

    Chests are wery bad if you are thinking to buy something on gamehag, they just eat your soul gems

    16 october 2020 11:34 1625

    Well I kinda like knowing what I am getting and in chest you might get something good something bad you never know. So I try to be on the safe side.

    20 october 2020 16:07 1625

    i once bought like 7 chests but didn't get anything good should've just ordered robux...

    21 october 2020 08:06 1625

    well i didn't now that and bought a chest with robux and got 2 robux out of it... im super unlucky.... TwT

    21 october 2020 11:43 1625

    Its prolly all bs like its not randomized how chests are supposed to be. Idk theyre temying even for me but i wont fall for theyre tricks. Imma just buy a cs skin and head out

    23 october 2020 18:58 1625

    🙃nice on but you most know if you don't pay you can't get game key or skin or anythink😎but you cant join the contests and win a some game you like.
    I think the best way is the contests😏 show me youre luck.

    1 december 2020 06:17 1625

    I agree strongly i dont know why people dont know this. And either way u shouldnt gamble.

    1 december 2020 10:15 1625

    I know, that I am just saying exactly the things, that Misty says in tutorials, but if you want something, you must work hard to get it. Life is not easy, because we live in a capitalist world (I am not saying, that some other regime would be better, but if the scientists would be our leaders (technocracy), the world could be better). You cannot trust someone, that he can give you something for a much lower price and much lower amount of work. Chests maybe sound awesome at the first time

    1 december 2020 11:17 1625

    some time I prefer to buy chests but I risk it cause I don't get wath I want

    2 december 2020 14:58 1625

    Thx for good article, but that's should be kind of logical, since, after all, everyone just trying to make "money" here, Gamehag included.

    6 december 2020 08:15 1625

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