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    Why you should not buy Gamehag chests

    If you are user of this website (well you are, because you are reading this), you probably know, that you can buy chests and earn some game. Also I will be talking about chests with games and not the Robux chest, CS:GO skin chests etc. Btw. I do not want to offend Gamehag by this article.

    If you want to buy chest to win your favourite game like Just Cause 4 or Minecraft, you will notice, that there is always a random steam key, rune or soul gems. They are there to make the users think, that they wont get the game they wanted. Chest are like lotteries, there is a very small chance to win the jackpot, but you will probably lose. Another similarity is, that if you fail to win game in chest, you will win something, that does not have the price of the chest, so you lose money. In lottery it is the same, you want to win the jackpot (let's say a 1 million dollars), but you will win only a few dollars or even worse, nothing. There is a 99 % chance, that you will win that DAMN steam key, that gives you some cheap game. I really do not want to offend the guys, that make these games, but random steam key will give you game that normally costs 0,99 dollars. That is some lose of money. I know, if Gamehag would just make bigger chances for winning, it would be a lose of money for them, so do not really blame Gamehag for these chances. So do not buy chest, because you can win them, if you will fulfill the conditions. It is not that hard to log in 7 days in a row or collect some soul gems in the given amount of time.
    You can still get your games by different ways:
    - Do a quest
    - Write an article
    - Be active on forums
    - Comment
    - Play Minigames
    I know, that I am just saying exactly the things, that Misty says in tutorials, but if you want something, you must work hard to get it. Life is not easy, because we live in a capitalist world (I am not saying, that some other regime would be better, but if the scientists would be our leaders (technocracy), the world could be better). You cannot trust someone, that he can give you something for a much lower price and much lower amount of work. Chests maybe sound awesome at the first time, but if you can think critically, you will notice, that there is something wrong with this. With critical questions like: ,,Does it really work?´´ or ,,Do they want to trick us?´´ and a few minutes of googling, you will find out, that the chance of winning is miserable. I really like this website, but now I will say ,, Do not buy chest with games, because they are a scam!´´.  

    I think, that I said enough, so thanks for reading this article. I know, that this article sounds really offensive, but really I LOVE Gamehag. Also I am sorry for some grammar mistakes, I live in Czech republic and Google translate kinda helped me with this article, but we all know, that Google translate is not perfect. So Bye!

    8 february 2020 14:24 1625

    Its prolly all bs like its not randomized how chests are supposed to be. Idk theyre temying even for me but i wont fall for theyre tricks. Imma just buy a cs skin and head out

    4 march 2020 16:44 1625

    i really hate stuff that depend of luckiness sometimes

    5 march 2020 09:41 1625

    technicaly we're getting free money here so its not like we're owed anything

    9 march 2020 15:33 1625

    well i didn't now that and bought a chest with robux and got 2 robux out of it... im super unlucky.... TwT

    9 march 2020 17:25 1625

    Truuuuuuuee, like on every chest, like on cs go you open a case thinking you will get something nice but you get a common item and you just lose your money on it ...

    10 march 2020 17:13 1625

    I think they are useless.

    10 march 2020 17:14 1625

    RNG purchases are usually not your friend

    10 march 2020 20:19 1625

    fist they re expencive second you might not get what you want third why whoud you

    10 march 2020 20:22 1625

    but can you withrdaw them csgo skins tho?

    10 march 2020 21:13 1625

    i dont want to buy chests

    10 march 2020 21:14 1625

    good, I think so too

    10 march 2020 21:43 1625

    Chests are basicly just gambling

    10 march 2020 21:50 1625

    And dont play the guessing game

    11 march 2020 09:32 1625

    I mean I don't buy any loot box any more, they suck mostly when the game that has them is not free, ut this is free so that's nor here or there.

    11 march 2020 10:18 1625

    Of course if u open 10 chests u probably get nothing good, but maybe sometimes u if u lucky u can earn smth good. It's simply that % in chests are low.

    11 march 2020 16:22 1625

    she has a point why would someone save for something they want when they can possably get it for much less.

    11 march 2020 17:41 1625

    thanks for telling me early

    17 march 2020 08:22 1625

    hey buying cheap chests are a very good way

    17 march 2020 09:41 1625

    you can buy cheap chests and win a reqard that is worth it very easily

    17 march 2020 09:41 1625

    Well that's interesting

    17 march 2020 12:23 1625

    still hate loot boxs

    20 march 2020 02:30 1625

    after reading that i think i will not buy..

    20 march 2020 02:31 1625

    I wanna get minecraft SO BADDD

    20 march 2020 02:44 1625

    I wanna get chests so that i can get minecraft but i think im not gonna buy a chest

    20 march 2020 02:45 1625

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