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    Fahrenheit: indigo prophecy


    Quantic Dream - a french video game developer, who developed games such as "Heavy Rain", "Beyond: Two Souls", "Detroit: Become Human". Yes, they are the developers of "Fahrenheit indigo prophecy". And as you can guess, it is yet another cinematic interactive-drama video game, published in 2005 for PS2 and XBOX (later for PC). A game, which has over 1 million sold copies and won several prizes. 


    What is it all about ? 

    This game is a half-fantasy paranormal thriller and detective, in which city experiences a series of mysterious murders; ordinary people become possessed and kill other strangers in public. The main characters have a task to uncover the supernatural forces behind these crimes. The game features motion captured animation as well as multiple camera angles and branching story lines. Story has both good and bad endings, which depends of your gameplay and decisions you make.


    Gameplay (What is your role in-game ?)

    The game tells the story using 3 main characters. You play for all of them and won't miss anything important or interesting. Of course they are connected to each other, and doing something with one character can enable or disable some actions for other characters. Each character has it's own mental health leveler, which changes over time, depending what character does. You must keep that gauge as high as possible, as game will end when it reaches zero for any character. The game itself mainly allows you to move around with your characters, interact with many things, which can change your character's mental health level, give some clues about next tasks, or just tell interesting facts. Other than that, it will sometimes have story parts, which require you to spam buttons as fast as possible, or just repeat the buttons game shows. Game doesn't have that much cinematic parts, where you just watch it without doing anything; it will always keep you in-game.


    Characters (Spoiler Warning: Do not read this if you are going to play !)

    • Lucas Kane is one of the main characters in Fahrenheit, which is controlled by user. Born and raised on the remote Wishita military base by his scientist parents (who died in a car accident). He works as an IT manager and head of computer maintenance for the "Naser & Jones Bank". His normal life turned around and became a mystery chase after he suddenly got possessed by some unknown powers that made him to kill a random person in the bathroom of restaurant, where he was just  having a dinner that night. For reasons he does not understand, since his early childhood, he has had periodic clairvoyant visions (visions, which showed what will happen some time later). Later he discovers that since that night, he possesses enhanced reflexes, strength and speed, as well as the emergence of telekinetic abilities and temporary flight.
    • Carla Valenti is another controllable female character in Fahrenheit. Carla is a serious police lieutenant and detective inspector and is Sgt. Tyler Miles' partner. Carla is one of the best detectives and is known for her commitment to the job and for her working abilities, but in reality her devotion to her work helps to forget the fact, that she is missing a personal life and has few friends. Carla always keeps thinking about cases and will do everything to find some clues about it, no matter how long it will take. She is also highly claustrophobic. Carla is the one who took the case of that restaurant murder with her partner Tyler and during the game they work together to find Lucas Kane.
    • Tyler Miles is a police sergeant and detective who works with Carla. Tyler has a wife: Samantha and they are together almost 2 years, but Tyler is committed to his job as well, even though Sam don't like it, as she is worried about Tyler and what can happen to him during his duty. But after some time of long working hours and decreasing temperature made him less happy about the job and that made him to question his life as a police officer. Tyler loves playing basketball, video games and collecting 1970s memorabilia and vinyl "Motown" albums.



    • Game always keeps you in-game (No long story telling cinematic scenes)
    • An ability to control 3 different characters and live each person's life without missing other's.
    • Time-Based storyline: Story continues in real time, there will not be any time jumps into past or feature (except one or two little parts, when main character remembers his childhood).
    • Each time you fail to follow the main story (your character dies or does something stupid, which was not supposed to happen), game insists you to continue the game from last checkpoint, but still gives an ending story about what happened after that failure.
    • Overall story is interesting.


    • Old graphics
    • Fantasy part of this game: the ability for some characters to fly, use some unseen powers, make the story look unrealistic, but is still playable.
    • Sometimes you get tired of button spamming commands.

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