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    Tribal Wars - The everlasting battle of tribesmen

    There you sit, wondering why would I want to play a browser game in 2020? Well, if so, you didnt play Tribal Wars growing up. Let me explain why tribal wars is an experience for any gamer, whom is willing to endulge himself/herself and friends in an extremely strategic clash of tribes.

    Tribal Wars is a slow and steady grind towards the goal of standing in the hall of fame, as one of the last rulers, when the server itself has been conquered and overthrown by you and your fellow tribesmen. Create your own tribe, or join friends or strangers near you. And begin to build your city and gather an army. Since the, for me, nostalgic amazing old Tribal Wars from many years ago, the game has got new features such as events, themed to the medieval times you stand in and flags that encourage your citizens towards different goals. Even one unit with a skilltree which is built for your playstyle and prowess. Play as you like, invite friends to get bonuses and flags. The experience can be amazing, and maybe YOU will be one of the last kings standing in Tribal War's Hall of Fame one day.

    But all glorious aspects aside, some tips and tricks from an old enthusiast. Be sure to start by leveling up your way of gathering resources. Thats three structures, one produces wood, one produces iron, and the third produces clay. Even though the game pretty much tells you to do specific quests, you should be wary of what the reward for the quest is, and whether the means to finish it is within your reach. As a new player there are certain things you will need before the beginner protection wears out. The first we have already taken into concideration, resource production. The second is a defence. The easiest way of defending yourself might be joining a tribe which is situated near your location on the map. The second thing is your outer wall. Therefore you will need to create and army, but also, last but not least, increase your city's defence by leveling up the walls. The reason why this is so important is because of how punishing the game can be to new players. As the goal for everyone is to build a strong empire, they will need to break a few eggs to make their omelet. Further into the game, you can create a unit which will allow you to take over other players cities. As a consequence of this, it is possible to get completely wiped out from the server, if another player takes over every city you have. The beginner protection will seem like a long time at first, but you can never know if a seemingly loving neighbour will turn on you to take down your army, farm your resources. And take you out of the game, by sending a nobleman to take over the city! So be one step ahead and build your defence before the time is up.

    I hope you reading this will try out Tribal Wars, because the experience might be just for you! It is a very strategical game, that demands not hours on hours of gameplay, but some attention every now and then over a long time. May we meet on the medieval fields of justice, fellow gamer.

    30 january 2020 13:44 1625

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