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    this war of mine

    hello guys today i will be talking about that amazing game called this war of mine 

    This game passes a message "that in war not always you and the soldier" it shows the horror of the war
    in almost every moment going from the beginning to the end.
    this war of mine is a realy hard survivor game were you have to survive In the middle of a war whit 3
    survivors(after some time may 4 if you want) I'm more experienced in these types of games and I lost several times before zeroing the game. This game may not have one of the best games or wonderful graphics but it can make you feel incredibly high
    in the first games, you can play 2 or 3 times and die for different reasons until you learn what to do in
    each situation, for survival players and A great game (I recommend having a nice computer as it can make it
    very difficult 13 fps) Ps: some tips Focus on food and remedies 90% of the time (except with guns and in the winter it is good to get a lot of
    material) Avoid dangerous places but if you have to invade some place light shotguns and knives
    (if available vests and helmets) Invade 1 or 2 days before your supplies run out so you can kill the enemies in the area without worrying
    about getting something and worrying more about combat so you can come back the next day with tools and
    more slots available Do good things to neighbors (npcs coming in the daytime at your doorstep) that can give you rewards
    and can make your characters happy Planning your actions, running to a military base carrying a shotgun may not be the best idea.

    5 september 2017 15:54 1625

    em I normally want to buy this on steam but some people says its good but the gameplay is short, so i didnt buy this, its a good survival games

    6 september 2017 19:00 1625

    I played it on my phone and i must recommend!

    8 september 2017 20:01 1625

    I bought this game from the summer sale and I really like this game.

    9 september 2017 16:38 1625

    Nice job its interesting

    9 march 2019 13:04 1625

    what is this group ?

    10 march 2019 07:47 1625

    i played it and is really nice game

    10 march 2019 08:10 1625

    I like this game because it's enable us to donate through dlc

    10 march 2019 10:04 1625

    Good anti-war games

    11 march 2019 15:34 1625

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