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    Paladins is a completely free-to-play Five-a-side team based FPS Quite like Overwatch. There are a couple of different game modes, and like most games these days it has a ranked game mode and competitive league people compete in for money. It has a lot of different Champions to play as to make every team different and you can unlock more by playing more. Each champion is unique with different abilities they each have assigned to them. There are loads of different skins for Champions to make them look unique and to customize them to you tastes.
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    In Paladins there are 44 completely different champions to play as, and they are all put into 4 different categories: Damage, Flank, Frontline and support.Each of these categories are meant to do different things for the team as Damage is the class that has champions that deal the most damage and are good for taking out enemies, Flanks are used for coming on enemies from the sides, or where the least expect it to Help the Damage class or even secure a kill by themselves. Frontline is the defense class which contains Beefy champions who protect the team while at the same time helping them to push up to the enemies and finally support which are usually weaker than most of the other classes but are used to heal the team which can be vital for winning. It is recommended to at least have one of each of these classes in a team.

    Each champion has five abilities: a primary fire,an alternate fire, two normal abilities and an ultimate ability. The primary fire normally is a quick firing move using the weapon of the champion with decent damage and a low cooldown, an alternate fire is a bit like the primary fire but it does something different with the champions weapon, The two abilities normally have longer cooldowns than the primary and secondary fire and do different things which cab vary, wether it's dealing for damage, healing, movement or something completely different. The Ultiamte most of the time is the strongest move of the champion which can do a ton of damage, buff the champion for a short amount of time, help teammates or do anything else.

    There are also loadouts which change a champions buffs. Loadouts contain cards that buff the champion and each loadout has a max of five 5 cards. This adds even more to make how you play more unique to others around you, even if they play the same champion as you.In each loadout you can buff cards even further but the numbers in the bottom left hand corners of all the cards must all equal to 15. The higher number in the bottom left corner = the stronger the card. Each champion also has three talents which changes the play style of the champion therefore adding even more of a unique way to play the game. You start off with one talent for a champion and when you level up the champion enough you can unlock the other two talents for the champion. 



    At the start of each game You are given 400 credits to spend on an item that is used to upgrade your champion and it lasts the whole game, the more and better you play in that game the more credits you get and these can be used to upgrade Defense, Utility, Healing and Offense Which can all go a long way in a game.You can upgrade whatever you want but not as much as you want as there is a cap for how many things you can upgrade. You can upgrade items further to improve the effectiveness of them or you can get different ones if you want.

    There are 4 different game modes: Team deathmatch, siege, king of the hill and onslaught . Team deathmatch is a gamemode that can be won by one team achieving 40 kills on the enemy team. Siege is a game mode that is quite complicated. Both teams have to get 4 points, and there's two different ways to achieve one. There's an zone in the centre of the map which one team has to capture by standing in it without any of the enemy team in the zone and they have to fill a bar at the top of the screen and get it to 100% and when they do they get a payload to move and one point. The team with the payload has to move it back to their spawn in 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get a point by moving with it when there's none of the enemy team near to it, and if they don't get it there in time the enemy team gets a point. King of the hill is a gamemode where one team has to stand in a zone that constantly moves every minute and a half without any enemies in it and gain 400 points. And finally onslaught which is just like king of the hill but the zone its a bigger area and it does not move like the one in king of the hill eMh3gIXATsJS6w9q41E70kpyvCf3QY.JPG
    After reading this article you might want to start playing Paladins, even though it might sound a bit complicated in the explanation, it's quite easy to start playing and to get stuck in. In the game there are optional in-app purchases, but it's either used for cosmetics or to cut down time to earn champions, and not to enhance it or make the game unfair in anyway. Every champion can be good if it's used well no matter if it's free, or it costs in game currency. I hoped you enjoyed reading this article, and since this is my first one i quite enjoyed writing this. Hope this helped you for finding a new game to play, and bye.

    23 january 2020 10:33 1625

    thats nyc

    3 march 2020 21:19 1625

    great bro you r doing well

    3 march 2020 21:19 1625

    awesome bro great

    3 march 2020 21:20 1625

    i love paladins

    5 march 2020 09:42 1625

    nice i like it

    5 march 2020 21:51 1625

    I like paladins this game is good

    5 march 2020 23:45 1625

    i like paladins

    6 march 2020 00:15 1625

    its a fun game

    6 march 2020 00:45 1625

    nice ima download it

    6 march 2020 10:23 1625

    I love Paladins man!

    6 march 2020 10:55 1625

    My favorite champion would be Lex, ye is fast ans could do loads of damage.

    6 march 2020 11:08 1625

    yeah i would honestly prefer this over overwatch because its free and doesnt have that role system overwatch has

    17 march 2021 05:51 1625

    *** this is super game I love it

    17 march 2021 07:49 1625

    fy jf u dontm ow if u do uynice if u do osb y do uy

    22 march 2021 17:02 1625

    Paladins is a real good game

    23 march 2021 02:53 1625

    free good

    23 march 2021 05:03 1625

    i am not good at this game :( i ll try to be better and focus

    23 march 2021 09:02 1625

    good alternative for overwatch i played beta of this game

    28 march 2021 10:57 1625

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