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    Slender man and the eight pages

    slender man is my paragraph
     THERE ARE EIGHT PAGES! that sounds fun

    The Slender Man (also spelled Slenderman) is a fictional supernatural character that originated as a creepypasta Internet meme created by Something awful forums user Eric Knudsen (also known as "Victor Surge") in 2009. He is depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid with a featureless head and face and wearing a black suit. 
    slender man and the eight pages

    in this game, you have to find all eight pages to win this game has been uploaded to youtube many times slender man and the eight pages is a dark and foggy game to make things harder and I am not spoiling the game so don't ask me to tell you where the pages are. 

    this game starts in a foggy forest yes the fog is black but you get a flashlight. so what you are supposed to do in this game is that you are trying to find eight pages that have a picture on them they will say something but once you collect the first page the chase begins.
    don't look at the slender man for too long because you will die if you do and keep running.

    Map info

    the map is big so you will get lost easily but here are some things you probably don't know there broken cars a couple of buildings a construction site a shed and four or more fuel tanks and no you cant set the map on fire.

    now you are probably asking me why does he kill everyone that takes his pages. well nobody knows why to be honest it's probably part of his curse or he likes them to be looked at.

    now you could also be asking me why is it always night there. well slender man is one of those creepypastas that only attack at night but also to make the game scarier.

    now your last question could be well why is everything there abandon and old. well, my friends the reason why is because ever since slender man was discovered by a survivor who used to live there and after he escaped he reported all of the things that happened to him they put a tall fence so slender man can't escape so that's your answer on why is everything abandoned.

    How did this new story start

    so you are a teen or adult who lost a bet as almost every horror game starts with so you lost a bet so your punishment is to last all night in the forest so he jumped over the fence and now he is stuck until the day appears (that doesn't happen till you get all eight pages).

    so now your task is to collect eight pages but every page collected makes slender man faster and mad. 

    Other information

    there are two endings in the game the bad ending (you died)  the good ending (the true ending)  and easter egg ending (you still die but you got all eight pages).

    18 january 2020 16:38 1625

    its creepy but its cool so its ok for me

    20 february 2020 17:28 1625

    im getting nightmare know D; xd

    24 february 2020 01:47 1625

    Kind of scary for me

    24 february 2020 04:10 1625

    thats good

    1 march 2020 12:24 1625

    slender man was a great game

    1 march 2020 13:24 1625

    slendarman is the best

    1 march 2020 13:58 1625

    there is no different about the night time an the day time, we can't see far away

    4 april 2020 15:48 1625

    nice man nice i love you

    4 april 2020 15:52 1625


    24 april 2020 03:06 1625

    This is good!

    24 april 2020 03:09 1625

    what is slender

    24 april 2020 04:05 1625

    your info is really good

    24 april 2020 06:24 1625

    SlenderMan is a CreepyPasts and i like CreepyPasta alot!

    24 april 2020 11:08 1625

    no slender man is scary

    24 april 2020 19:06 1625

    he is scary

    24 april 2020 19:06 1625

    its kinda scary but not for me ez game

    25 april 2020 00:52 1625

    i do not really like spider man but it was really creepy ngl

    25 april 2020 02:53 1625

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