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    Level lost

    I have lost a level but i dont know what i did

    14 january 2020 20:39 1628

    You can lose levels if you spam on forums.

    14 january 2020 21:06 1628

    Okay this is getting out of hand. I dont know how its done, is it the system that steals your xp just if you make one comment more than youre allowed which is dumb since I want to discuss a lot

    14 january 2020 21:42 1628

    Or is it real people behind this, if yes then it seems they are inconsiderate and not qualified to do it since fair comments sre being punished and deleted while obvious spam lays untouched for days

    14 january 2020 21:44 1628

    The system is broken. I have lost levels for commenting too much, and for reporting spammers who create garbage threads.

    15 january 2020 16:44 1628

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