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    Would you recomend Second Life ?

    My friend says that Second life is really good game, I dont belive him. I dont like games like sims. Do you reccomend me game? Is it worth installing ?

    12 january 2020 21:16 5190

    It was not my kind of game and I love sims, However i know its got many users and you can make actual real money out of it. Maybe worth getting and do the one task if you hate it.

    31 january 2020 15:19 5190

    no, no, and definitely no. toxic people, toxic community, nothing new going on, just a cash grab

    2 february 2020 17:52 5190

    No, it's a **** thing. You play and enjoy it, then realise you've just hit rock bottom as a person.

    21 march 2020 20:13 5190

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