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    about the fortnite event that made fortnite bad

    The fortnite event lost population cause its destroyed the map a lot of mean comments was given to fortnite people couldn't play than when fortnite released fortnite again people hated it so much they quite. The event happend when a space hole and stars start going in a hole and it got faster and faster that's when the meteoroid got in the hole and then out in the sky a hole happend again and it shot a hole on the ground from the sky and then the players thought it was over put than the meteoroid appeared from the sky and it was coming down and some rockets came as well put it didn't hit the ground it was aiming for something else when the meteoroid hit the hole it exploded and the player got pushed away and away than they got sucked back in that's when a a hole appeared and players could not play there was a black hole on their screen like the pic under neat. than when fortnite finally  let the players play alot of the map changed a lot of people hated it and they quite that made a problem for epics cause of the event cause the players waited so long and when they letted them  play they did not like it so they waited for nothing that's when fortnite was not famous anymore but still lots of people play because of that epics didnt change it back to normal. than the star wars event happend that's when fortnite got lots of people playing but that ended because of that people had hoped that it will change back but epics made it worse cause of the starwar event thats when people never had hops for fortnite ever again. but then people didn't like other games so their only choice was fortnite cause other games were not that famouse as fortnite but call of duty still they liked fortnite more so they got back to playing that's when they started to like it so they told their friends to play and that's when fortnite got famous again but there were still haters. 

    more information: people didn't hate it cause of the event it was cause of the map and fortnite season 2 90 percent of the people were bots that were easy to kill that was a other reason so they could not fight real life people accept in they invite their friends to play with them that was the 2 reasons why fortnite got people to hate it. and a nother reason was there was too much hackers the game was unfair  and lots of glitches like there is a glitch where you jump of the battle bus and you land on the ground in 1 sec cause of that glitch lots of people died more than 30 percent of the people died with that glitch. 


    10 january 2020 17:04 1625

    fortnites been going downhill since the new chapter thing happened

    18 january 2020 05:22 1625

    i think that fortnite is no more a popular game sry

    6 april 2020 13:52 1625

    i liked that event, but the black hole maked me mad

    6 april 2020 14:55 1625

    fort is ngl getting a bit boring, but still

    6 april 2020 16:22 1625

    i love playing fortnite

    6 april 2020 16:53 1625

    we love fortnite we love fortnite memes kid say.btw i lov fortnite

    6 april 2020 18:21 1625

    Guys, can anyone add me as a friend pleaseeeeeee, my UNIQE code is: GH5553228

    6 april 2020 20:32 1625

    hey how r u im bore d say something

    6 april 2020 20:33 1625

    that was something

    6 april 2020 20:40 1625

    fortnit is whack anyways

    6 april 2020 23:05 1625

    Fortnite is nice but lego graphics

    7 april 2020 01:53 1625

    I play roblox

    7 april 2020 01:57 1625

    i feeling good like a shoot ima turn around i neighbour wood felling bless

    13 april 2020 08:50 1625

    oh thank you but the event is a bit out dated

    17 april 2020 11:07 1625

    Fornite is stupid game and alwes will be

    17 april 2020 13:35 1625

    Fortnite is very nice game

    17 april 2020 15:37 1625

    Who loves fortnite? Cause i dont like it.

    17 april 2020 18:21 1625

    fortnite is a good game but roblox is better

    17 april 2020 18:41 1625

    prolly the worst event fortnite ever had tbh

    17 april 2020 18:43 1625

    here we go I play now for second year

    17 april 2020 18:49 1625

    you cant make something already bad, bad.

    17 april 2020 20:06 1625

    they need to fix their servers tho

    20 april 2020 18:17 1625

    Season 2 is epic

    5 july 2020 10:50 1625

    "made fortnite bad" sounds like an overreaction to me.

    5 july 2020 17:50 1625

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