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    Farming in Gamehag

    Is farming for months worth it for just some chests????

    2 january 2020 14:10 1628

    Beats me. Probably for some of the better ones.

    2 january 2020 14:12 1628

    For games, worth it but for chest, I don't think

    2 january 2020 15:47 1628

    Do not waste gems on chests, if you want a game collect the gems and buy it with them. Probability of getting something good from a chest is really really low.

    3 january 2020 13:06 1628

    Or farm enough for a steam card and buy it on steam while the game is on sale. However, be aware that Gamehag may delay your gift card for 48h and You might miss the sale!

    3 january 2020 13:08 1628

    I was planning to get a game as reward, but when I look at how long it took to get the points I got so far and that I will have to collect the same amount once again with all the good tasks now gone, I think I will settle for some steam cards and buy something in the next steam sale.. :-/

    3 january 2020 23:35 1628

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