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    My article got rejected for plagiarism/spam, but i wrote the whole review by myself

    Pretty self-explanatory.

    1 january 2020 18:26 1628

    It could be me having best wishes for 2020 for the readers at the end, so i removed it and uploaded it for rating again.

    1 january 2020 18:32 1628

    Maybe the topic you wrote about wasn't relevant to Gamehag?

    1 january 2020 19:53 1628

    It was. It's a review of Katana ZERO, which hasn't been reviewed before. The edited version was rejected and the apparent reason is "Rejected by users" which isnt listed on the interactive Misty help.

    1 january 2020 20:00 1628

    I've had the exact same problem with two of my articles now. If it happens again, I'm contacting support

    5 january 2020 20:10 1628

    There are people that make all their gems through articles. The fact that you think there wasn't any problem in yours doesn't mean there wasn't. You can blame the lack of specifications about why your article was rejected, since it prevents you to see if they seem to be right or not, for you, but you can't say "they're wrong" when you don't even what you're saying that to (and yes, I know, you didn't actually say "they're wrong", but don't play me for a fool, that was heavily implied).

    6 january 2020 14:28 1628

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