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    can u answer me I'm new here

    what's the best way to collect gems + is it worth to use this app?

    26 december 2019 21:10 1628

    It's really worth, if you use app zone you can get 100 soul gems in 50 minutes (which is max per day) :).

    26 december 2019 21:28 1628

    man i just completed the task and i got nothing

    26 december 2019 23:34 1628

    Have you used the Appzone yet? Its the best way to get SG.

    26 december 2019 23:41 1628

    Has proper forum etiquettes been lost in the age of social media or something? There's a FAQ, there's a search function, and then there're 10+ "best ways to get gems", "is app safe", "are gamehag rewards legit" threads. For crying out loud, I'm 26 and feel old already whenever I see threads like this.
    And here's a short article to get you started: https://gamehag.com/news/gamehag---how-to-earn-soul-gems

    27 december 2019 03:50 1628

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