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    hello help on task one

    hi I need help, what do you screenshot fro level 5? the service section only has icons and stuff, screenshot that?

    25 december 2019 02:26 6547

    hey thanks man say hi to mommy for me dad is gonna go to work k?

    26 december 2019 20:05 6547

    I was here to tell you but he told you already...

    26 december 2019 21:58 6547

    It's that medal thing. You have to fight matches and then you get points towards your level.
    Click on "profile" in the top in the mainscreen where you see your ship.
    Level 5 is the 5th unlock that you can get in there.

    I finished it but they refuse the payout for whatever reasons.

    28 december 2019 22:13 6547

    I looked for the WOWS wikipedia that said what level 5 was and just put that next to my game

    29 december 2019 00:11 6547

    Hello, anyone find out how you did it? Becouse there's aint any level in the game their are ranks that u get if u played ranked mode only??

    29 december 2019 16:49 6547

    What do you mean can you explaing?

    30 december 2019 09:31 6547

    I screenshotted what you said but they rejected it, now i'm waiting for Misty's answer

    30 december 2019 11:30 6547

    One week later, still waiting for confirmation. :(

    4 january 2020 22:56 6547

    yeah its so cool
    im love it Premium ship

    9 january 2020 12:05 6547

    Yes thats true

    25 november 2020 08:34 6547

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