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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1743 rates

    How to reach a Global ?

    I silver 1 and i wannna reach flobal

    6 october 2019 00:15 808

    you need good aim and teamate

    6 october 2019 01:18 808

    get good, also with you needa good team

    6 october 2019 05:24 808

    go and practice ur aiming and find a good team for queue

    6 october 2019 15:52 808

    You need to practice your aim a lot.
    Try warming up before you start playing competitive.
    Get to know maps, learn some common smokes.
    Find people to play with, it's gonna be harder to play solo since your teammates can be unpredictable andyou can never know how good or bad they may be at the game.

    7 october 2019 14:29 808

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