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    Read on to find out what's in store for you when you start your journey in this unique witch hunting experience.



    Blair Witch is a psychological horror game developed by Bloober Team released in August 30,2019.Players take control of Ellis,who is a Gulf War veteran and an ex cop who was a part of the Search Team in the original Blair Witch movie.Ellis suffers from PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to previous horrific incidents in his life.Ellis is accompanied by Bullet, a German Shepherd, who is a key part of the game.The story depends on how Ellis treats Bullet.



    Blair Witch is set in Black Hills Forest, the same forest the original movie was set in.Blair Witch's gameplay mechanics revolve around exploration, puzzle solving and surviving.An important part of the gameplay is Bullet, Ellis's companion throughout his journey.Ellis can order Bullet to search for items,lead the path or just pet him.Bullet also serves as a threat detector as his barks are the only way of identifying enemies who are otherwise invisible. 
    Ellis also has a video recorder through which he can interact with red tapes found throughout his journey and he also can manipulate the environment using the recorder which can bring things from recordings into present time.Despite being a horror game Blair Witch doesn't feature any horrific illustration but the game banks on mind games to instill fear in the minds of the player.


    Black Hills is filled with trees having dead twigs, branches and no leaves and often creeping up in a creepy manner.Also most of the the monsters who you except to be looking horrific given it's a horror game, actually are nothing more than flashes. It's like the monsters a kid imagines is present near the edge of his eye but just as he turns he sees nothing.Blair Witch's formula is just that, it makes you fight with the unknown unseen things that though have no existence but can kill you if you aren't sharp enough. 
    The developers also said that the game records people's reaction to fear and stress. 



    The game starts with Ellis along with his dog Bullet going to Black Hills Forest to join the search party for finding a 9 year-old boy named Peter Shannon who is reportedly lost in the woods.Soon,Ellis contacts sheriff Lanning and tells him that he is okay searching for the boy alone.In the very beginning of the journey the search parties discusses myths about the forest witch and how spending the night in the woods can be quite dangerous.Ellis keeps finding clues about Peter but nothing quite materialise rather Ellis sees the world around him and keeps trying to survive against his worst fears and the monsters of the forest. 
    The witch that is the main antagonist of the game tries to repeatedly manipulate Ellis in to doing the wrong thing.Hence, it's up to the players to decide certain things in the game upon the ending of the game depends. 



    Blair Witch implements its own unique way of inducing horror and though that's alright but the game has other problems.People who are not acquainted with the Blair Witch universe may not be able to fit in with the plot or the game. 
    Also, another problem is that the game has quite some bugs, though it's not guaranteed that everyone will face them.The game presents a lovely rendition of scary forests and you can literally get lost in it.I would recommend this for horror fans who will definitely find a new way to replenish their daily dose of enjoying fear through this game. 


    26 september 2019 16:52 1625

    Not gonna lie, I thought it was going to be about the anime Soul Eater. Because Blair is a witch in that anime, a sexy one too.

    12 november 2019 15:26 1625

    Not gonna lie, I thought it was going to be about the anime Soul Eater. Because Blair is a witch in that anime, a sexy one too.

    13 november 2019 03:17 1625

    The Horror Game

    13 november 2019 06:01 1625

    Horror Game Like

    13 november 2019 06:01 1625

    Hello :D

    13 november 2019 06:04 1625

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