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    How can u earn soul gem in gamehag

    how to earn it???????????

    22 august 2019 11:40 1628

    Carry out a contract

    22 august 2019 12:13 1628

    Really? I cant do anything else?

    22 august 2019 14:05 1628

    Go on the "Get more" button to see most of the available ways you can get SG for the device you're on.

    22 august 2019 14:23 1628

    Please me robux please robux name de la noi din clasa politica si vrea sa ne cunoastem mai bine de unde esti la scoala o sa vin mai Zici nimic nu vorbim despre un cadou de unde esti la scoala o sa vi

    22 august 2019 14:37 1628

    There are many ways, click the plus button

    22 august 2019 15:11 1628

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