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    what is the best gun?

    plz comment here

    14 august 2019 11:08 2269

    im banned from pubg because im was reported cheating or hacking but i dont know how to cheat n pubg what im going todo

    14 august 2019 13:01 2269

    Assault Rifles - Despite being bottom of the pile for shots-to-kill, the rapid fire rate of the M249 gives it the shortest time to kill of any LMG or assault rifle. The Groza also absolutely shreds - you've probably seen the highlight videos of people using it to wipe out entire squads - but both of these are crate-only. The best regular gun is still the M416 in our opinion, thanks to its potential for kitting out with attachments, flexibility of fire rate and the ability to attach an 8x scope, although the early-days impression of the Beryl M762 is that it's an excellent option if you can control its hefty kickback, thanks to high base damage and high rate of fire. Alternatively the QBZ is alarmingly steady when firing in automatic mode, making it a great option too. The M16A4 is also viable, and actually has a faster time to kill than any bar the M249 if you can master rapid-tapping for burst fire. The SCAR-L is actually the quietest and has similar time-to-kill, making it great with a silencer in closer range combat.
    SMGs - Contrary to some opinions, we prefer the UZI to all other SMGs. That's because it has by far the smallest bullet spread (roughly half that of its nearest rival), which is essential for SMGs as they rely on full-auto use, unlike ARs and Snipers. It's common, requires minimal attachments to be effective, and the sheer panic inspired by its rate of fire can be

    14 august 2019 13:02 2269

    One shot One kill

    14 august 2019 13:17 2269

    AKM top)

    15 august 2019 06:47 2269

    drop weapons are the best
    if you get anyone of them you are good

    15 august 2019 09:23 2269

    plus knowing a good loot places

    15 august 2019 09:24 2269

    Honestly, knowledge and experience will beat mostly everything, however, if you're talking about weapons, it's hands down the sniper rifle.

    Being able to one shot people from a distance, from any distance is pretty OP

    15 august 2019 10:54 2269

    The S12K (aka the Saiga) is the go-to gun if you have a thing for shotguns, and it’s a great if you just want to close your eyes and tap the fire button. In interiors, the S12K is almost unmatched when it comes to laying down raw firepower fast but, even more so than the other shotguns, you don’t want to be caught using it at anything other than close range.

    Strangely, the S12K uses AR attachments instead of the ones typically used with the other shotguns, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for those. Once you add an extended mag, you’ll really be bringing the pain with an increase from five shells to eight. You can’t use a choke on the S12K, but a compensator will help with the recoil so that spread is less of a concern. The red dot is just for style. If you need a sight with the S12K, you should probably be using another gun.
    The Karabiner 98 Kurz, or the Kar98K, is a vicious sniper rifle that’s an excellent choice in terms of stopping power and long-range ability. While it won’t win any awards in terms of its firing rate capabilities, it’s devastatingly accurate, and can pierce through armor like nobody’s business. It’s also simple to find, making it a sniper’s dream, especially since it’s scattered around the map and in airdrop crates.

    The Kar98K is compatible with any scope and muzzle attachment, as well as the useful cheek pad, which softens the recoil and improves first shot recovery time to ensure you’re able to take a licking and keep on ticking in terms of finding your next target or continuing to pursue one across the map. It may not be the flashiest sniper rifle in the game, nor the most complicated, but sometimes keeping it simple is the best course of action.

    15 august 2019 11:00 2269

    I think AKM or AUG

    24 august 2019 21:26 2269

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