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    What languages are allowed on gamehag? I've seen somebody respond to my thread in russian, funny enough the guy understood english and still deliberately replied in russian. Anyway, it seemed his reply had been deleted, yet I see a lot of russian comments stay on game pages.

    13 august 2019 07:54 1628

    I think we can only use English to communicate. Yea i have seen lots of Russian comment but all were reported as spam

    13 august 2019 09:35 1628

    Although I also use English, why can the forum only use English? Can't you participate in the discussion if you don't understand English?

    13 august 2019 09:38 1628

    I suppose they could divide comments and groups into sections, but then they would need to moderate spam on all those languages when they as it seems struggle to moderate everything right now, they would need to seek foreign moderators, maybe it could affect the delivery time for rewards. Idk, pobably not easy.

    13 august 2019 10:21 1628

    In the forums the only language allowed is indeed English (the most commonly known language across the world), other languages are considered as spam. I have read about a way that you can upload articles in other languages instead of using the English section but not sure how to be honest

    13 august 2019 11:12 1628

    Why not make different sections for different languages?? If there's any translators that would be happy to do it i'd do it for Serbian, French etc..
    But i don't know why they haven't done it yet

    25 september 2019 21:33 1628

    You can always check FAQ they might have it there

    26 september 2019 03:20 1628

    Well, you can always switch forums if you change the language in the page settings, there's a lot of languages: russian italian, spanish, japanese, etc.

    26 september 2019 18:11 1628

    English please

    26 september 2019 18:57 1628

    Speaking of language, should I upvote articles in other languages?

    27 september 2019 01:03 1628

    I think only english is allowed

    27 september 2019 01:07 1628

    Actually I just look it up and in the right corner of the screen you can select other languages.

    27 september 2019 01:19 1628

    I think only english is permitted.. idk it says on the help or FAQ

    28 september 2019 17:42 1628

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