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    Looking for a kind players

    looking for a good player that can teach me

    12 august 2019 18:35 2921


    9 november 2019 10:21 2921

    Hi guys. I am playing gardenscapes and since changing my battery on my android device the game has a major gltch. when i go to play a level all my powerups i have won for completing previous levels has gone and also no orangy flowera or anything. the complete right hand side of the acreen is empty. when i complete a level i don't get any powerups. Also the fireworks festival says results and when i click on it it says calculating results and 23 hours remaining.i have cleared the cache, restarted my device and deleted and uninstalled the app and reinstalled but it still doesn't work. Please help

    13 january 2020 00:35 2921

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