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    Heve you lost some XP points on Gamehag once?

    Yes I have created some thread for win XP and the tomorow morning, I had lost 20% of level 2 And you?

    6 august 2019 17:10 1628

    You will lose xp if your comments get reported as spam

    6 august 2019 17:15 1628

    damn i didn’t knew that ...

    6 august 2019 17:25 1628

    Every single comment and/or thread that get's reported by members and that is found to be spam will cost you 10xp, you can lose your level if you keep on doing it and you risk getting banned from commenting/creating threads for increasing periods of time if you keep it up

    6 august 2019 18:28 1628

    to just LOSE xp for no reason

    6 august 2019 18:54 1628

    Reporting things for no reason doesn't work, since the admins have to check the reports before anything is considered spam and removed, if it's not spam it's no use reporting it, also people who simply report everything including comments/threads that are not spam will end up getting banned from using the report button

    6 august 2019 22:17 1628

    yeah nice very good

    7 august 2019 17:24 1628

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