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    Steam Gift cards ($) are still unavailable!

    I claimed some Soul Gems to order a 5$ steam gift card but when I had enough I just noticed it is unavailable, I said to myself it is okay and I'll claim for the 10$ one but today when I finally reached to my goal I found out it is unavailable too! Why the site wouldn't show us what products are available and what products are not?! I have promised to my brother a steam gift card for his birthday but now I don't know what to do? It seems it's a long time these products are unavailable and if you ask Misty about that she said we can not say the exact time...

    4 august 2019 13:22 1628

    That's weird..to me the 5usd and 10usd cards are available at the moment..

    4 august 2019 14:22 1628

    Guess the availbilty depends on the region?
    Man, I'm also saving up for the wallet code, hope that there's enough when it comes to me

    4 august 2019 16:13 1628

    @Dazza11 I think it's unavailable for all users, you just don't have enough soul gems to see order icon, it's just "collect the rest"

    4 august 2019 20:09 1628

    @Sebastian you're telling me that I'm collecting soul gems for nothing?

    4 august 2019 20:12 1628

    No it's just unavailable for now or maybe you are right and the rewards are different for different countries.

    4 august 2019 20:25 1628

    @Dazza11 I forgot to say, it is true that the steam gift cards are unavailable but you can buy a Visa card then use your Visa card for your steam account!

    6 august 2019 09:02 1628

    i literraly bought 2250 and 5900 gems just so i can buy red dead redemption 2 but its unavaible..

    4 april 2021 12:28 1628

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