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    Why was the pump removed

    I know the pump is back but why was it even removed

    12 july 2019 13:12 2830

    it was insanely strong weapon :/

    15 july 2019 13:13 2830

    The pump is now back , but the reason it was removed it's that it was a very powerful wepon , like the legendary and the purple pump and you would've needed not too much skill to kill people with it

    15 july 2019 13:20 2830

    cause it's was really op and they want to change the mechanics of the game so you won't get bored so they remove and add new items each update

    16 july 2019 04:39 2830

    it ws to strong and abuseble by good players but its back in a nerfed state

    16 july 2019 13:23 2830

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