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    What is this game?

    So just I found this game category on gamehag with zero thread, i did some google search and found this, it seems really interresting lol. " Browsing through the gaming news this morning, I stumbled across box art for a PC title called Heaven The Game. The art looked rather pretty, but I had no earthly clue what the hell Heaven The Game was. Upon snooping about a little at the game's official site, I discovered that it is indeed a game about Heaven, in the biblical sense. It's developed by a company called Genesis Works, whose mission is to "create interactive games that stimulate Christian spiritual growth." The game itself takes biblical descriptions of Heaven and brings them to life, though so far all I am seeing on the website is rendered cinematics. Still, when you have Jesus listed in the character section you pretty much have a built-in fan base and don't need to advertise all that much. Hit the link below to check out the rather compelling cinematic movie on the game's website. " I can't access to their website so far, anyone have any information about this?

    1 july 2019 15:01 4925

    I dont know the game too lol

    2 august 2019 09:52 4925

    I never played it

    28 january 2020 16:56 4925

    Is this a bible game?

    27 february 2020 08:05 4925

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